Cooking with Karen

Join me in the kitchen as I talk you through some of my favourite recipes, including hints, tips and shortcuts to make your time in the kitchen rewarding and fun.

What's in Season

This spring I’ll be sharing plenty of recipes featuring the produce of the season as well as a variety of dishes based on regular staples. There’ll be quick and easy recipes as well as some involving a bit more technique.

Food Philosophy

Karen’s thoughts on cooking and eating...

What’s important when you think about food?

I learnt so much while I was training to be a chef but the most crucial lesson came from my grandmother, meme. I visited her to learn some of her amazing Tunisian dishes and there I was, madly asking questions, taking notes. She said, ‘There’s one more important ingredient that goes into everything…’ I had my head down, pen poised, waiting. ‘Stop writing!’ she said. ‘It’s love, love, you must cook with love.’ That’s stayed with me. For me, cooking is a convivial, giving affair, relaxed and not too formal, a way to share joy as well as great flavours.

Do you eat differently through the year?


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